This heart

I write this while listening to Adele's "Hiding my heart" . I'm not quite sure what I feel right now. All I know is there is something keeps bothering me. I think it's time for me to come clean. It's almost 8 month now and the memories keep haunting me. It makes me realize how hurtful love can be. 

     ........ "I can't spend my whole life hiding my heart away" 

I wish I could let go of this feeling and bury the memories. I wish our love could have remained as effortless and as simple as that. I wish it would have been easy for us. It wasn't. It's not easy for me up untill today and I wish I could tell you this. But I'm not strong anymore to face you. As my heart couldn't take it, listening to your voice and reading our old text messages, my heart just couldn't take it anymore. I wrote this merely to express what I feel. Though I know you won't be reading this. I'm still trying to move on. Still, I take it that you are happy now with your life. I wish I could be happy with my life to just like you. And though, I am no longer the reason behind your smile, I still wish I am. But, it's fine for me. Seeing you smile is enough for me now. Knowing you happy makes me happy to. I hope you're doing fine there and remember me always.

So, I guess time will heal everything. I just have to keep moving. I think that's enough, of hiding my heart away.